Chantel Bleau Accounting Services, Inc.

Accounting Services in Ware, MA

At Chantel Bleau Accounting Services, Inc. we strive to meet the specific needs for each of our customers. Our clients save money and time by utilizing our services.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax preparation, planning, and returns for individuals and small businesses
  • Accounting/bookkeeping for local businesses
  • On-site bookkeeping setup for small businesses
Shaking Hands

We genuinely care about our clients at Chantel Bleau Accounting and work hard to show it every day. When the weather is bad, we will even come to the homes of our elderly clients or those who have difficulty traveling to pick up their tax information and drop off their completed return. Your total well being is our number one concern.

For help from supportive tax professionals, come to Chantel Bleau Accounting Services, Inc. today.